plan B solutions are designed around the specific operational needs of each industry that facilitate access to information and technology, providing value in the strategic planning of your business.

The ERP implementation process has a delivery time of four to twelve months, modification of each company, the processes and functionalities that are to be implemented.  We use the “Signature Methodology”, which consists of the following phases:

Who is involved?

On the Client’s side:

Project manager
Key User Operations
Key User Finances
Commercial Key User
IT Leader
Responsible for Organizational Change
Key Users for other Plants / Distribution Centers (if applicable)

On Plan B’s side:

​Project manager
Operation Consultant
Finance Consultant
Business consultant
IT consultant

Success Factors in the implementation
  • Pay special attention to the human factor of the change process, we must communicate a lot, train and resolve the concerns of the staff as soon as possible.
  • Training.
  • Administration of the joint project Client / Provider.
  • Strict follow-up of the Implementation Methodology (Signature).
  • Take plan B’s best practice standards, as close as possible to the processes to the system, so that it can be executed in the established times.
  • Special attention to the execution of the work plan, and to the timely planning of the deviations of the program.
  • The acceptance of the results of the design phase and the construction phase must be done by the end users.
  • The client must commit to deliver all the master data, the accounting and transactional balances, perfectly purified, updated and in magnetic media.
  • A lot of practice and communication with end users.

Success Factors in the implementation

Response times from both Epicor and plan B are almost immediate, with a margin of two to three hours maximum.

Within the Epicor page there is also an online customer support center, called: EpicWeb. It works 24 hours a day and provides the resources and information services related to the client: online knowledge base, documentation, product downloads, access to forums and online communities, everything that may be useful. It also has the option to register problems for Epicor Agents to resolve the request as soon as possible

During the implementation of the Epicor ERP, we used a training called ‘Train-The-Trainers’, which consists of training key users of the different departments with which the company has, so that they in turn train the personnel of the company. company, ensuring with constant training regardless of whether the rotation of resources increases or decreases in the following months

In addition to this, we provide our customers with User Guides and Quick References for a quick understanding of the system.

After concluding the implementation stage as an Epicor Partner in Plan B we have the responsibility to continue attending the needs that arise with the clients. We do not leave them alone at any time and we promote a strong relationship: client-provider.

Implementation costs

The standard average cost of Epicor’s basic ERP solution ranges from 1.5 to 12 million MXP and after the first year you only pay 20% of the Epicor software to qualify for the latest updates and other technologies.To determine or estimate the costs that the client saves in optimization with ERP, we show you the following comparative table.